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Origin Story

ThinkCause began with a conversation over coffee. Two people dedicated to serving their community, with a passion for nonprofits, but uncertain how they could have the greatest impact. So, the conversation continued with nonprofit leaders, donors, volunteers and others.

It soon became clear that the best way to help the community was not to start another service-providing organization, but instead to help the many nonprofit organizations already working to meet community needs. And so ThinkCause, a nonprofit dedicated to helping other nonprofits, was born.

ThinkCause combines the broad experience of a seasoned nonprofit professional with more than 25-years as a nonprofit leader with the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of a new nonprofit leader. It seeks to identify best practices from things already done, while actively seeking new solutions for the challenges nonprofits face today.

Those challenges are as varied as the organizations themselves. But common to them all is the pressure to do more with less. To help alleviate some of this pressure and help nonprofits achieve greater impact, ThinkCause committed itself to a focus on three areas that truly move the needle: volunteerism, collaboration, and cause.

Our Team
Kevin Engel-Cartie


Ryan Martinez