Already stretched by limited resources, most nonprofits face ever-growing needs, shrinking donor and volunteer bases, and more competition for grants and governmental funding. The pressure to do more with less has never been greater. ThinkCause helps nonprofits meet these challenges and achieve greater impact through an intentional focus on volunteerism, collaboration, and cause.
Effectively utilizing volunteer talent is work in and of itself, and most nonprofits lack the time and staff to connect with and make the most of volunteer help. With an online volunteer center, easy to use best-practice tools, and trainings, ThinkCause helps organizations get the most out of volunteer passion.
Collaboration can take many shapes and forms, but meaningful collaboration is a lot of work and can be overwhelming for nonprofits to do on their own. ThinkCause actively looks for and supports collaborative opportunities to help nonprofits achieve more together.
At the core of every great nonprofit is a great cause. Making sure that cause is front and center in everything you do is the challenge – from donor cultivation, grant writing, marketing and communications to Board and leadership development. ThinkCause helps organizations be cause-focused in all they do to achieve greater impact.
Sean RichardsonFood Truck Friday Manager

These guys gave us the tools to move our needle forward. Thanks for everything!